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Now is as good a time as any to plan your next holiday. To make it count you'll require a party spirit, movie screenings on the beach at dusk and a hammock. Introducing Tamassa, our vibrant four-star beach  hotel in Mauritius, set in tropical gardens on white sandy beaches with rustling coconut trees and a cobalt ocean.

This  all-inclusive hotel in Mauritius, located at Bel Ombre in the south-west of the island, is surrounded by dramatic mountains and dense sugarcane fields. Here an effervescent zest for life combines with contemporary design to bring the young (and young at heart) the perfect spot for fun and relaxation.



The ideal place to create a lifetime of family memories
A refreshing alternative to the conventional tropical resorts, Tamassa is a modern yet thoroughly Mauritian destination for fun family holidays.  At Tamassa, everything is designed for a pamper and play approach to life: there’s an endless array of activities, both on land and in the water, for children and adults alike; but the resort also invites relaxation, with the most beautiful beach this side of the island, a fabulous spa, well-spaced pools and shady coconut palms dotting verdant gardens. There’s always something to do for everyone here…even if all you want to do is…absolutely nothing at all!


An all-inclusive concept for complete peace of mind
Prepare to be amazed. Our all-inclusive concept features meals in any of our restaurants, not to mention a generous selection of soft and alcoholic drinks, including carefully selected wines, as well as beach and pool service. However, it’s definitely not all about the food and drink. From land and water sports, to daily resort activities, fabulous entertainment, access to gym and sauna, yoga and stretching classes…it’s all included in your package, so all you have to do is book, pack, come…and enjoy! Download All Inclusive package pdf.


There is little point in a seaside holiday if you can’t see the sea!
How often did you have to make a special booking for a room with a sea view, and then spend your holiday staring at a pathway, a wall, some bushes, a road – just because the rooms with a view were not available? Our gardens are beautiful, and the inland landscapes of southern Mauritius breathtaking, but we know you are really here for the sea…we’ve built our resort with your wishes in mind, so all of our 214 rooms face the splendor of the Indian Ocean. No special booking needed, because all of our guests are special. You’re welcome!


Spare some time for romance, it’s always time well spent!
You’ve come, after all, to one of the world’s most romantic destinations; Mauritius is famous for its outstanding honeymoon features, and it’s easy to see why: the island is picture-perfect, the weather is kind, the lagoon is warm, there’s something inviting and seductive about everything, from the food to the sway of palm trees in the breeze. This is without a doubt, the place to nurture affectionate feelings, new or old. Give a try to our candlelit dinners on the beach-it only takes a small spark to light (or re-light!) a fire.


Revitalise your senses with natural treatments that embrace a rich and diverse culture
You deserve some 'Me' time, and the LUX* Me Spa at Tamassa, with its tranquil setting and carefully crafted Spa treatments, is the place where you always come first. Inspired by our island, a natural haven where Indian, African and Asian cultures are blended together, we have created a menu of revitalizing treatments and immersive therapies as diverse as Mauritius itself. Whether you come for the invigorating Spa, or simply for a dip in the pool and a moment of peace, you are always welcome to our “recharging station”.


If you’re yearning for a round of golf, there are some truly world-class courses in Mauritius
For those of our guests who enjoy nothing more than walking a fabulous lawn with a set of clubs in hand, Tamassa has arranged special access with the nearby Heritage Golf course. Situated between the mountains and the sea in an undulating landscape interspersed with lakes, streams and tropical trees, the championship course (Par 72) designed by South African Peter Matkovich is both technically challenging and varied, providing golfers with unique possibilities for a memorable game.


The best feature of Mauritius is in the friendly smiles of its inhabitants!
The trademark of a truly unforgettable family holiday is genuine and personal service that is always flawless and goes a step beyond. Our young, friendly and enthusiastic team awaits you with beautiful smiles and welcoming hearts. We’ll be treating you like cherished family members and do our best to help you celebrate life. 


A contemporary all-inclusive resort located on the still untouched South West coast of Mauritius
Around our resort with its zingy sea-facing design, Mauritius deploys some of its original, unspoiled charm. Between steep wooded mountains and a lagoon as smooth as a turquoise mirror, quaint fishermen villages live a slow, ancient rhythm nestled amongst sparkling green sugarcane fields. Discover Mauritius as it used to be, green and blue, with people still living in tune with the sea and land. Most of the island’s nature reserves are here within reach, along with some of the most spectacular land and seascapes. 


A dolphin encounter is a memory you’ll carry long after the pictures have faded
You want a holiday rich in experiences, fun and memories. We entirely sympathize with that wish, so we're inviting you on an amazing journey: going out on a sunny morning to swim with wild dolphins. One of the best spots around the island to observe wild dolphin behaviour and interact with them in their natural habitat, is on the west coast, not far from Tamassa; the pods come to the bays of Tamarin and Black River to play, socialize and feed, attracted by the waters teaming with their favourite fishy breakfast. We strongly encourage you not to miss this experience: for children and adults alike, it is a once in a lifetime moment!


We never run out of space and loungers around the pool!
No need to rush out of bed at the crack of dawn to lay a claim to your favourite lounger by the pool! There are three large swimming pools, carefully dotted around the resort so you’re never too far from one. Two of them are set a few steps from both the beach and the rooms, and the third is right at the heart of the resort, near the main restaurant and bar. But if you think you still need some choice, there's always the fourth pool at the Spa.This makes a total of four pools.Take the plunge!


Tamassa means “party” in Mauritius!
With such a name, no wonder this is a vibrant, fun resort which strives to keep your evenings interesting. Not only are we the only resort with a night-club this side of the island, but the whole property becomes a carefully staged show. All of our entertainment is performed by genuine, enthusiastic and highly talented dancers, musicians and artists of every kind. From the rhythmic beat of the Mauritian Sega to the very best local music troupes and performers, every evening is an opportunity to experience something new and truly authentic.


Duck and dive, let’s jump in – everybody loves to swim!
Mauritius is a gift of the Indian Ocean, and our resort is set on a stunning lagoon teaming with life, one of the best preserved on the island. Its warm translucent waters will soon become your favourite playground! This is the perfect place for your kids to take to the water for the first time, as the lagoon is shallow and child-friendly, and our team at the Boat House is always willing to tell you stories about the creatures you'll encounter and teach the whole family a trick or two. Snorkelling, diving, kite surfing, water skiing…there’s enough here to turn everybody into a sea worshipper. 


Play and Studio 17-a wealth of activities for children and teenagers
It’s important to keep little hands, feet and minds always busy-boredom is the most dreaded word on a family holiday! Our clubs for children and teenagers, Play and Studio 17, welcome our younger guests with many opportunities to explore the wonders and delights of island living. Supervised by a highly trained and enthusiastic young team, kids interact, play and explore. With action packed days and entertaining evenings, children and teenagers will adore their tropical island holiday. 


There’s always more to do in our resort than laying on the beach, soaking up the sun
If spending your day in the sun, doing nothing more than sipping from a cool glass and watching the time tick by is not your definition of a perfect holiday, never fear. We offer a vast array of complimentary water sports, organized games on dry land, a fully-fitted gym, an exceptional spa, tennis courts and a whole island to explore just outside the resort’s gates. There are daily activities designed for adults or children, or whole families, and evening entertainment that will get you into the island beat. All said and done, there’s never a dull moment at Tamassa! 


Good food is the cornerstone of a comfortable family holiday
Tamassa embraces your desire to experience the best of the Mauritian culinary traditions. With spacious restaurants and bars, and menus compiled to bring the freshest of ingredients and a variety of authentic dishes to your table, there’s something for every palate on our tables. From bountiful buffets to cleverly designed chef’s table options, and from local rums and cocktails to internationally acclaimed wines, our all-inclusive hotel is sure to satisfy your appetite for island fare! 


Munch, crunch, perfect after lunch!
At Tamassa, we think that a beach holiday without ice cream isn't a beach holiday at all! Our delicious homemade ice creams are available for the tasting pleasure of the young…and the young at heart! Familiar or unusual flavours, creamy textures or cooling sorbets, experience the tastes of the islands in small portions of refreshing indulgence. 


Free wifi and international phone calls? Surely not…
It's true! We think holidays should be completely stress-free. Our Phone Home service is free of charge, so you catch up with friends and family - wherever they are in the world - for free! And with free wireless Internet access throughout the resort, you can stay up to date with your favourite social media sites. Happy surfing! Find out more about our Phone Home service.


Tamassa is awarded Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor 2014!
TripAdvisor is delighted to award Tamassa Hotel with a 2014 Certificate of Excellence.
This prestigious award recognises businesses that consistently earn top ratings from TripAdvisor travellers.