Team Building


Team Building Fun Games
Tunnel Ball:
Teams lined up, ball’s rolled through tunnel between legs, rear person runs to front of line and starts over.
Target Ball:
Take a shot at the bucket with a ball or pig and chuck-it!
Eggcitement - Relay:
Balancing an egg in spoon, race off. If cracked under pressure, race back to line to receive another egg.
Two legged races:
Mini Olympians are linked and line up at start line, race around maker and relay team baton to next team members.
Sack races:
Hop in Hessian bags, leap to the line. Bound to create a laugh.
Power, passion and pride as teams haul across the line.
Stick 7:
Members are lined-up and will, one at a time, run and go around a stick 7 times before coming back. Imagine the rest.
Obstacle Course / Relay Race:
Each team must make their way through a series of activities in relay fashion. 

Other activities may include jump rope, sack race, making a basketball shot
and agility drills, amongst others.