Water Activities

Why limit yourself to meeting the locals only on dry ground? You only need to step off the beach and plunge your head under the turquoise lagoon: you'll get to meet a whole new kettle of fish! The south-west coast of Mauritius has lagoons rich in wildlife, and ours is no exception. Once you explored the shoreline, our regular boats can take you to special spots along the reef for even more fascinating encounters.

NOTE: Snorkelling gears are provided free of charge for the twice-daily organised outings. Own snorkelling gears are recommended apart from the two scheduled trips.

Kite Surfing

If you're craving for some adrenalin to spice up your tropical holiday, then kitesurfing is definitely the thing to do! This rather new adventure sport is the coolest combination of extreme sports that one can practice on the water: it involves pure mastery of the winds that propel the board at amazing speed over turquoise lagoons, and breath-taking acrobatics. It's exciting for you, and a never-ending source of gasps from less adventurous onlookers sipping cocktails on the beach. The kitesurfing opportunities are just a few meters from the resort.

Wind Surfing

The boat house crew will be happy to show you the ropes of this pleasant sport. Or just let you ride the breeze to your heart's content if you're already a master


Why limit your holiday experience to the wonders of the Mauritian landscape? The underwater world here is just as rich, fascinating and entertaining! Between LUX* Me Spa pampering moments, ice-cream tastings, long sun-soaking hours on the beach and yoga sessions at sunset, make time to explore the warm transparent waters surrounding the island. And if you've never tried diving, perhaps this is the right time to offer yourself some courses-who knows, you might discover a new passion!

Swimming Pools

Take a dip in one of our three swimming pools. Two of them are set near the beach, and the third is right at the heart of the resort, near the main restaurant and bar. And if you think you still need some choice, there's a fourth pool at the Spa. Take the plunge!

Ile Des Deux Cocos

This beautiful jewelled pendant in a turquoise ocean lies just off the south east coast of Mauritius. Reserve this island resort in Mauritius for an overnight stay, visit for day trips, or host your own exclusive party or special event, including weddings and anniversaries.

To the south of this island resort in Mauritius, the dramatic ocean is an ever-changing spectacle of waves pounding against the coral reef. In contrast, to the north, tranquil, sandy white beaches border Blue Bay Marine Reserve, one of the most stunning spots for snorkelling in all of Mauritius. Contact us on  reservation@luxresorts.com